Pro Humanitate – for humanity – is the guiding motto of Wake Forest University.  It is a calling to use our knowledge, talents, and compassion to better the world around us.  Relationships and service are the lifeblood that fuel our passion for growing service-oriented leaders within our student body, faculty, and staff. Your career can be measured by the hours you work, or it can be measured by the life you lead in the spirit of Pro Humanitate. 

Join us for a life of meaningful work and a shared commitment to leaving the world better than we found it.

Campus Kitchen 

University volunteers collaborate with dining services, more than 10 agency partners, and the local community for the Campus Kitchen. This nation-wide service, founded at Wake Forest, provides 900 meals to Winston-Salem residents.

United Way

You will be part of a University community where faculty and staff have a strong history of making a difference through the United Way. Wake Forest received the Spirit of North Carolina Award for Campaign Excellence, given annually by the United Way of North Carolina. 

Arts Council   

An annual Wake Forest campaign supports artists and organizations throughout Winston-Salem, “The City of Arts and Innovation.” This enables you to partner with the first locally established arts council in the United States, alongside thousands of dedicated contributors and volunteers.


MLK Day of Service 

During the MLK day of service, 40 Wake Forest students and staff host approximately 150 children from the Winston-Salem community for a morning of education and reading.

Hit the Bricks

Faculty, staff, students and alumni Hit the Bricks” around one of Wake Forests quads each year, as they support the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund Drive. This full-day, relay-style race has raised more than $120K since 2003, in memory of one of the Universitys football legends.

Project Pumpkin 

This annual service event brings more than 1,100 children from local agencies, schools and nonprofit organizations to campus for entertainment, education and games within a safe environment.

Green Team Network 

The Green Team Network is a campus-wide initiative that empowers faculty and staff to integrate sustainability through education, support, and collaboration.

Campus Garden 

The Campus Garden is a year-round on-campus garden with opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to participate.

Magnolias Curriculum Project 

The Magnolias Curriculum Project is a two-day workshop for faculty that supports the integration of environmental and social themes into courses across the curriculum.